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179) Hang out in a graveyard 15 Jul 2012

“Those who shun the whimsy of things will experience rigor mortis before death.”

― Tom Robbins

We thought it apropos to finish the very last chapter of our Tom Robbin’s novel (the story of one couples’ epic quest to cheat death) at our local graveyard, one of the oldest and most historic cemeteries in Toronto.

Located in Cabbage Town on the east-end of the city, the Toronto Necropolis & Crematorium is just a quick bike ride away from us, a dart over the Don River, and a steady climb up Sumach Street, passed some of the nicest Victorian homes in Toronto.

That evening we perched ourselves on a small hill at the back of the property, well beyond the sight of anyone who may have been working out of the old, Victorian Gothic chapel in the main square.

We finished our book well after sun set, well after the air cooled, and well after everything went from pretty and striking to desolate and dark. By then we had discovered that the gate at the main entrance had been locked on us, and that all employees had gone home for the night. With an iron fence on all sides of us, we were trapped. How very apropos.

After criss-crossing tombstones and wandering around in semi-darkness, we eventually found our way out by finding the lowest part of the fence and climbing over it; me first, then the bikes, then John.

Three cheers for mildly creepy spontaneous mini adventures (and good books.) :)