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54) Eat at the CN Tower restaurant  12 Mar 2012

On Friday night we went out to 360 Restaurant with John’s sister Liz and her fiancé Emmanuel to celebrate Emmanuel’s first night in Toronto.

If you’re looking for a classy restaurant to bring someone who has never been to Toronto, this place is a sure winner. The food isn’t outstanding, but you’ll find the best view in the entire city.

3 Responses

    admin says:


    Woah. I am rereading this post now (which I wrote at 2am in bed). I got lazy and forgot to mention that…

    – This restaurant actually revolves a full 360 degrees (it’s disorienting but you adjust after a few drinks)
    – Before entering the restaurant you must pass through an Explosives Trace-Detection Portal Machine (very Star Trek)
    – Our waiter was an undercover actor with an attitude problem (not cool)
    – If you have a nut allergy like me, be warned. No bread for you. No croutons on your salad. And no eating any of the elaborate, exquisite sounding desserts on the menu. You’re relegated to pie and sorbet. So basically: if you have a nut allergy, you’re an alien here. (not cool)

    There you have it.

    Susan says:

    I hear the food was mediocre and never went to the 360. But the view does sound/look spectacular. I had gone to the revolving restaurant in the Skylon tower on a beautiful blue sky day and the view was fantastic. The falls were gorgeous. There was also a non-revolving buffet restaurant at Skylon – we went there at night and had a window table – so beautiful – and the food was good too.

    Laura & John says:

    You’re totally right. It was mediocre at best (especially for the price).