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320) Buy a nice coffee table 30 Dec 2012

2012 has definitely shaped up to be a monumental year. Besides the obvious, it’s the first year we can say we finally feel like functioning grown ups; the kind that pay bills on time, write Christmas cards, plant herb gardens, and get excited by things like new coffee tables, area rugs, and headboards for the bedroom. After all these years, it finally happened to us. (I’m not sure whether to be excited or depressed.)

I remember us being 24, drunk on some patio around the corner from our studio, and overhearing a married couple casually discussing their next couch purchase at the table beside us. It seemed nonsensical then. I remember us snickering under our breaths, pitying the two for being incessantly middle-class. I remember the feeling of thinking that couples’ reality is so far away from me.

I guess at some point in life you grow up, you embrace the inevitable, you earn money like the rest, and you buy things that make you happy like expensive coffee tables made from salvaged fishing boats imported from Indonesia. Isn’t it greeeat!?