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273) Buy a rug (the grown-up kind) 6 Nov 2012

Seriously, this is a BIG deal. A rug is not just a rug. Just like a headboard is not just a headboard. Nor is a braid just a braid. These are monumental coming of age things. Things that should be celebrated, or at the very least written up in a blog post.

(By the way, John hates it when I use that term: coming of age).

John: “What kinda movie do you want to watch Laura?”
Laura: “Something coming of age.”
John: “You always want to watch something coming of age.”
Laura: “Yea so?”
John: “So what does that even mean? Coming of age?
Laura: “It means I wanna watch something that makes me feel nostalgic and warm and cuddly…”
John: “…so warm and cuddly is coming of age?”
Laura: “Sort of.”
John: “I don’t get it.”
Laura: “It’s a movie that takes you on a warm, cuddly, nostalgic journey and by the end of it you’ve shed a couple hundred tears, and you’re left with the feeling that you’re right where you want to be.”
John: “And where is that?”
Laura: “Right here.”
John: “Right here where?”
Laura: “Right here with you.”
John: “Oh. Well, OK.”
Laura: “Really?”
John: “Sure. As long as we can find a coming of age arctic adventure film.”
Laura: Um. Google?