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3) Watch Bonnie & Clyde (1967) 16 Jan 2012

Last night was apparently the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards. I discovered this factoid through Facebook and the surprisingly high amount of enthusiastic status updates surrounding the event.

We don’t have a television set here. We let it go a few years ago, mainly because neither of us were very good at watching it. For a long while it just sat around, collecting dust and John’s loose change. Until one day I knocked it over. And that was the end of that.

Sometimes I miss it though. Like tonight, for example, when everyone on Facebook is watching something I can’t.

In the spirit of Hollywood, we decided to scan through our list of films to watch. We selected the 1967 American classic, Bonnie & Clyde (which just so happened to receive 7 Golden Globe & 9 Academy Awards nominations in its day).

We set up our projector in my office and watched the film over stove-popped popcorn and orange juice.

I won’t bother writing up a detailed film analysis here. But I will say, John fell asleep. I woke him up during the important bloody parts.

In conclusion: Bonnie & Clyde is an alluring and gruesome film that you should probably watch if you consider yourself a film connoisseur (which I do not). None the less, here are some things I loved about the film….

-Faye Dunaway (what a fiercely stunning woman)
-1930’s ladies fashion (feminine, sweet and tidy. i could never pull this look off.)
-Americana country landscapes (muted yellows. burnt. desolate. love.)
-Gene Wilder (who doesn’t love Gene Wilder?)
-Skittering banjo soundtrack (uh-mazing)

I leave you with one of the greatest instrumentals ever recorded (according to the guy who uploaded it to Youtube). It was recorded in 1949 and featured on the Bonnie & Clyde soundtrack.

Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs – Foggy Mountain Breakdown 

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