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202) Watch a meteor shower 13 Aug 2012

Every time I’m up north I melt a little; some part in me just gives way, spills into everything — all that space and sky and silence. Silence is such a luxury for us; I find ourselves clawing for it more and more these days….every chance we get, really.

This weekend John and I had the opportunity to watch our first meteor shower from a small hunting cabin in Northern Ontario. The celestial event, known as The Perseid Meteor Shower, happens once a year in early august. During this time, earth drifts into orbit with dust particles left behind by a comet called the Swift-Tuttle. As these hot particles hit earth’s upper atmosphere, they generate streaks of light before obliterating into nothingness.

Each night, with our eyes peeled on an expansive northern sky, we sat and watched in amazement. I had never seen anything like it. These pics barely capture the beauty of it all, but here they are, none the less.