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88) Visit Toronto’s Fort York 15 Apr 2012

If you’ve never been to Fork York (home to Canada’s largest collection of original War of 1812 buildings), please go. For years, we completely ignored it. Sure…we knew it was there, we just didn’t go. Which is bonkers really, because it’s right here. Smack dab in our downtown core. You couldn’t get anymore accessible location wise.

Once in awhile, my sweet friend Amy will find herself here on a gig, overseeing an event or a movie-shoot. Yesterday was one of those days, and we stopped by to visit her for an impromptu, personal guided tour. Amy, with her knack for story-telling, toured us through the original kitchen, into the blockhouses, around the gunpowder magazine, and into the soldiers’ and officers’ quarters’. We dressed up a little, watched a comical video, chatted with the gift-shop guy, and missed out on some freshly baked Girl Guide cookies.

All in all, an eye-opening afternoon. Had I really known what an elegant and remarkably well-preserved site Fort York was, I would have visited much sooner.

Go…it’s free.

Ps: Thanks, Amy.

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    jane says:

    Fort York, hear hear! yes such a nice visit when one finds the time. the war of 1812. conflict between America and the British. in the spirit of the play-offs and sporting things… since the NFL has the Patriots. we suggest The Loyalists would be an awesome CFL name!