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173) Visit the Leslieville Farmers’ Market 9 Jul 2012

A few years ago, we could have only dreamed of having our very own Farmers’ Market in our neighborhood. Back then we didn’t have much; there were no produce stores on Queen Street East, no meat markets or fresh bakeries, just coffee shops, pawn shops, tattoo parlors and crack-den establishments.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked it back when it was rougher, more quiet, less dogs, less babies and yoga moms, but I am thankful for the changes. I am even thankful for the condos (there, I said it) and the condo people who may have inadvertently prompted these nice changes to occur around us.

I am also thankful to Emma Baron, an art colleague of ours, who co-founded the Leslieville Farmers’ Market last year. I swear, every week we plan on visiting her, but for whatever reason it never happens.

This past Sunday, however, we finally biked over to the Farmers’ Market, located near Ashbridges bay. We met up with Emma, bought some deep-fried sweet potato balls, a bag of sweet cherries, a couple quarts of strawberries, and a t-bone steak. Then we watched some kiddies dance to the sounds of Mexico. It was a perfect Sunday afternoon.