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133) Try kangaroo 4 Jun 2012

For me, the thought of eating kangaroo was as absurd a thought as eating monkey or polar bear or mountain lion. It’s hard to picture eating something that you’ve never actually seen in person — Captain Kangaroo, Polkaroo, that’s pretty much the extent to my exposure.

But, as John and I recently discovered, kangaroo is actually a healthy food source and a superior meat choice when it comes to the environment…

For starters, kangaroo meat is wild not farmed; completely organic and free range. Whereas cows and sheep release shit loads of methane, kangaroos release virtually none. They require less food than sheep or cattle, are better adapted to drought and are far less damaging to fragile topsoil than their bovine counterparts. Kangaroo meat is also very lean, with little to no fat at all.

The other day we made some tasty kangaroo burgers over the BBQ. They were sweet, succulent, with barely any hint of that “gamey” flavour I expected. Though we won’t be eating kangaroo on the regular (we try to stick to local produce and meat), I am glad we gave it a whirl.

Curious to try kangaroo? You can pick up some quality meat from the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto.

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    Abel Zavala says:

    There’s an international supermarket here in Cincinnati, OH, Jungle Jim’s, which carries Kangaroo. Now I’m up for the challenge, just have to convince my fiancee to have it with me.