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339) Send a parcel to a stranger 4 Jan 2013

If all goes according to plan, someone named Erin Lindsay from Calgary, Alberta (a stranger we selected at random from 411 Canada) will be receiving our parcel in the mail shortly. We’re crossing our fingers that Erin still lives where the internet says she does and that our package is received with a smile. (Winters in Calgary can be pretty cold and miserable.)


[Message to Erin:]

Hi There,

We’re Laura & John. You don’t know us, but we wanted to give you a present. It being a new year and all, we wanted to start it off right doing something nice for someone else. We hope you enjoy your $10 Timmy Card. Please send this map and a small gift to someone you know (or don’t know) West of you, and ask them to do the same West of them. Hopefully it will come back to us here in Toronto.

Happy New Year!

Laura Mendes & John Loerchner

One Response

    Erin Lindsay-Bennett says:

    Hello Laura & John, thought that i would let you know that i got your parcel today when i got home from work! And it really did put a smile on my face, one of the strangest things i have gotten in the mail, but none the less very cool! :) Not to sure who i will send it to but i will be sending it on its way within the next two day! :) thank you for the Tims card! :) I hope some day it will make it’s way back to you! oh and Happy New Year! :)