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307) See a real live mummy 23 Dec 2012

[The following is a designated ‘John-only‘ to-do]

Alright, this is some weird, creepy, can’t really wrap your head around it kind of stuff. I’m not sure how to describe what it’s like to be in the presence of a mummy.

Imagine that someone put a million dollars in cash in one dollar bills in front of you and told you it was a million dollars. You’d be like, yeah, it’s a million dollars, I’ve heard of a million dollars, I get it. But would you really understand that there’s a million one dollar bills there. Just trying to get your head around that number, how much that really is is almost impossible.

Now imagine that million dollars is a 5000 year old dried out human corpse with hair and finger nails and little painted on pupils…weird, right?

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