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306) Climb on another continent 23 Dec 2012

[The following is a designated ‘John-only‘ to-do]

Climbing is an addictive sport. Or rather, a slippery slope. (Pardon the pun.) When I first started climbing I never thought I’d bother to do lead, but there it is, a finished to-do. Then I said I’d never be interested in trad or mountaineering…while I haven’t got there yet, I’m feeling the itch. And I’m signed up for an Ice climbing course at the beginning of January to finish the last of my climbing-based 365 to-do’s.

Anyhow, you get into it, you get addicted and you start setting goals. I thought climbing on another continent would be a fun and easy one. I got a chance to climb in a castle in London a couple weeks ago and toyed around on some rock in Italy. The next challenge to replace it? Multi-pitch in Zion this summer? Can’t wait!