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297) Make Pumpkin Cookies 16 Dec 2012

Another dark, cold, wet morning in Toronto, where everything looks drab and city stained. I love this city for so many reasons, but more often than not I just want to be here or here or here. Give me snow. I’ll take snow. Piles of it. I’ll take a tiny shack in the middle of nowhere, so long as I’ve got a couple books, a stash of cookies, and John — of course. The rest we could figure out on the spot.

2 Responses

    Susan says:

    Wow, kudos for not even using canned pumpkin puree. I made pumpkin cookies many years ago for work colleagues for Halloween – made a big to-do about it and sent an e-card to invite them over to my office. The cookies were the bar type and turned out to be more like a brownie but they were good.

    Why did you want to make pumpkin cookies instead of a different kind. Why didn’t you just use canned pumpkin? Your cookies look good.

      Laura & John says:

      We wanted to use real pumpkin as opposed to canned, because so often we throw out our pumpkins after carving them on Halloween. We didn’t want our pumpkin to go to waste and so made pumpkin cookies, pumpkin mac & cheese and roasted pumpkin seeds.