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298) Watch When Harry met Sally 17 Dec 2012

Truthfully, I’ve avoided this film like the plague. I’ve avoided it for all the same reasons why I’ve avoided reading any Harry Potter books or watching any Harry Potter films. I figured, if everyone loves this film, then I’m obviously gonna hate it, right? (I can be such a culture snob sometimes). At least I can admit it.

But that’s the great thing about this 365 project; I can let go of my inhibitions, my hangups, my unfounded judgements and just go for it. There’s absolutely no good reason why I shouldn’t watch When Harry Met Sally. I’m into Meg Ryan, sort of… (Pre You’ve Got Mail); I think Billy Crystal is pretty hilarious (albeit weird looking); and I appreciate well crafted Rom-Com’s just like the next girl. So why not, right?

Our verdict: When Harry Met Sally is painfully delightful. Besides that ridiculous orgasm/diner scene, I really believed in Harry & Sally’s chemistry and their deep rooted affection for one another. I appreciated the atypical story line of an unconventional friendship, blossoming into an unconventional romance. Sorta reminded me of how John and I came to be :)

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