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87) Make a tilt shift photo 14 Apr 2012

Last night we found ourselves at Yonge & Dundas square (i.e. Toronto’s modestly modest version of New York city’s Times Square). For years it was just this empty boarded up pit where cracked-out crazies wandered around muttering to themselves. Now there’s flashy lights, blinky billboards, a movie-complex, and a four-way cross section. The crazies are still around; just less obvious now.

Here’s a couple shots I took from the night. John took the photos and turned them into little mini-scapes, using a shallow depth of field in post-processing. Our first experiment with tilt-shift photography :)

(If you look real close you might just see Mr. Dion, the guy who belts-out bible songs from his loudspeaker every day.)

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