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115) Guerrilla garden 15 May 2012

Some days to-do’s just fall in your lap….

Yesterday John and I were out for a leisurely walk in our neighbourhood when we came across some random seedlings. They were laying haphazardly about in a concrete planter in front of the old pawn shop on Queen St. East.

Each seedling was individually wrapped with its own personal message. The message identified each plant (chadwich cherry tomato, basil and sweet onion), and provided handy planting instructions.

Who left them there and why? I can’t be sure. After some debate (and a quick chat with the pawn shop guy), John and I concluded that whoever did leave the seedlings there probably wanted someone like us to find them and to plant them. So that’s exactly what we did (right across from our apartment in a small park).

To whoever left us your seedlings…..thanks! We’ll be sure to take good care of them.

One Response

    Laura & John says:

    This just in: Someone plucked our seedlings! They’re gone! Like who would do that? ad a day after we plant them :(

    First we thought maybe a squirrel got to them, but no…. they were clearly plucked by human hands. Could a city worker just yank out four harmless (practically invisible) seedlings like that? OR maybe it was our shifty neighbour who came by that day and asked us what we were doing……but the guy seemed cool…he couldn’t have….could he?

    What a shame, shame.