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45) Get a pedicure 28 Feb 2012

Tonight we took our battered soles to Timeless Nails & Spa in Leslieville for our first professional pedicure. After a week and a half of stomping around Belize in the sweltering hot sun, our feet were desperate for some TLC. Our skin had gone from bronze and sexy (Jennifer Lopez) to deep-fried leather (Arnold Swarchenegger). Something had to be done. And quick.

Getting your feet pumiced and massaged by another human being is pretty amazing, especially while seated on a vibrating chair. Thanks to Yen & Mandy, our aestheticians. Definitely go see these ladies if you’re ever in need of services. They were friendly, professional, and totally cool with us snapping pictures of ourselves like annoying teenager girls.

Bonus: they carry the new Muppets line of nail polish. John’s got on “Fresh Frog of Bel Air and I’m sporting “Divine Swine.” When in Rome, right?



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