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83) Buy a rare book 11 Apr 2012

“The canoe…the most beautiful and functional craft ever created.” – Bill Mason

Bill Mason – the late, great, Canadian canoeist, filmmaker and landscape painter – is pretty much my hero; up there with David Attenborough, Woody Allen, and my Nana, of course.

Before his death in 1988, Bill Mason produced a series of instructional guide books and popular canoeing films, many of which were produced through the National Film Board of Canada. As a teenager, I use to watch his films and want to be him; to paddle the rivers he paddled; and to learn the skills he so effortlessly knew.

Ten years later, I am finally holding myself to that wish…

….John and I looked everywhere for this book. We called every book store, old and new. Contacted all the local canoe outfitters for helpful tips. We finally resorted to ordering it online through the one company that still prints it (ironically an American company).

To our surprise, our rare copy of “Path of the Paddle” arrived in the mail today. We have lots of learning to do :)

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