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207) Attend an AGO opening 24 Aug 2012

Remember that crazy weekend we knocked off 13 to-do’s in 2 days? Wow, did that ever feel good; being ahead and in control of things; feeling that sweet sense of accomplishment. Only now to fall so far behind, so quickly again.

I’ve decided to forgo the review of the “Noise Cooking” opening we attended last week at the Art Gallery of Ontario (our first AGO opening). Frankly, it was a little disappointing, and I just don’t have it in me to write anything superfluous. Normally I’d feel guilty about this, about rushing through a review, and I’d think about it all night long. But I’m not going to do that today.

Instead, I’m gonna let it go. I’m gonna shut down my computer now. I’m gonna pack my bags, pack the car, and we’re gonna drive up north with our canoe. We’re not gonna stress about the fact that we’re behind on our to-do list, or worry about time, or lack of time, or expectations, or the fact that we keep missing our friends’ art shows. We’re gonna let it go. We’re gonna enjoy the ride up north. Gonna listen to the CBC. Gonna sing songs to John that will inevitably annoy him. Gonna be completely present and satisfied knowing the unknown, trusting that at some point in the future …next week, next month? …we’ll catch up again. We’ll make it work. I know this because I know we’re a team; and because we’ve come so far; and because we can accomplish pretty much anything together.

Team L.J