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270) Write a letter to the editor 5 Nov 2012

Dear John Macfarlane – Editor & Publisher of The Walrus,

Firstly, I’d like to say that I’m a big fan of your magazine. I’ve been a fan for many years, though I haven’t always been a subscriber. I actually subscribed for the first time last year at the Toronto Word on the Street festival in Queen’s Park.

I should mention, I’ve always had problems with the spelling of my last name: Loerchner. It’s German. No one can ever pronounce it right, yet alone read it out loud properly. So when I received my shiny new first issue of the Walrus on my doorstep with “Loerchner” spelled “Logerchnor,” I found it quite comical. My guess is that someone on your end couldn’t make out my handwriting on the subscription form (my penmanship sucks). So I’ll take the blame for that mistake.

But here’s the thing: quite mysteriously more mail has begun to show up addressed to this Logerchnor guy? I now actually receive a piece of mail at least once a week with the Logerchnor emblem, which is pretty annoying, not to mention shitty for the environment.

Do you think you’d be so kind as to share with myself and your readers what your policy is on sharing and/or selling personal mailing lists to other organizations? I’m all for sharing, but this has gone too far.

Thank you for your time and your concern in this matter.

Most Sincerely,
John Logerchnor (Loerchner)