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290) Visit the Don Jail 22 Nov 2012

The Don Jail is just around the corner from our apartment in Riverside, tucked away from the main intersection at Broadview & Gerrard. The oldest part of the building has been around since 1865 and I’ve been meaning to tour its interior for some time now.

A year and a half ago, we curated an art show inside a defunct funeral parlour. At that show I met a couple old distinguished men on the Riverside Historical Society, who encouraged me to visit the Don Jail; they even flirted with the idea of us doing an art show there. Distracted with other things, we shelved the idea at the time, and finally decided to put ‘touring the facility’ on our to-do list this year.

Unfortunately, as it turns out, the whole damn complex is under construction until spring 2013! (I didn’t realize this when I put it on our list.) Disappointed with ourselves, we toured the construction site anyhow, taking whatever exterior shots we could, until a correctional officer came out, scolded us, and told us to leave. Boo. This one will have to wait till the spring.