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12) Tie a Windsor Knot 24 Jan 2012

The Windsor Knot is a thick, wide and triangular tie knot commonly seen on business tycoons and ivy league frat boys. It’s a confident kind of knot. The kind of knot that says, “Hey look at me, I am confident.”

John and I have an opera date this Wednesday (another to-do on our list). To prepare for the formal occasion, John pulled out his dusty ties and collared shirts last night and we learned how to confidently tie a confident looking windsor knot.

It took us approximately 30 minutes of trial and error while watching this youtube video on repeat. The trick is to use a tie that isn’t too thick. The knot itself is not difficult to learn, but we found that the thicker the tie, the bunchier the look. Bunchy = not confident.

In the end we mastered it no problem. John’s going to look so cute on Wednesday :)

Here’s a quick video.

One Response

    Pragu says:

    Well done boy and girl!!!!
    I’m glad you didn’t go with the short sleeved shirt! The “modest” knot wasn’t the first thing I noticed… was the lack of the pocket protector!