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125) Stalk a stranger 27 May 2012

Meet Gracie and Chad (note: these are only pretend names). Gracie and Chad have been dating for a solid 3.5 months; they enjoy leisure walks in the neighbourhood, public displays of affection, and romantic dinners at McDonald’s.

Yesterday we noticed Gracie and Chad enjoying one of the installations in our zone. We thought it might be fun to stalk them for a bit — see how they interacted with the rest of the installations and art stuff along our stretch of the festival.

So we followed them….

Turns out Gracie and Chad are not very responsive people — the art barely turned their heads. Perhaps they were deeply engrossed in a conversation on the state of social welfare in Toronto…or the origins of extraterrestrial life on Mars…. or the extreme heat we’ve been getting in Toronto? Or maybe they just really wanted a Big Mac.