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322) Make a wreath 31 Dec 2012

[The following is a designated ‘Laura-only‘ to-do]

I love the fact that this year John taught me how to make a real Christmas wreath (a skill he learned from his dad as a young boy). Real Christmas wreaths can set you back at least $30 for a nice, full, fresh one. But if you’re into adventure and crafty things, you might consider making your own. Although the process can be a lengthy one, it’s rewarding, fun and relatively easy.

To make, you’ll first need to go out into the bush with a pair of clippers and some garbage bags. (We went to my parents’ local park, which is technically illegal, but never-mind that). Yank down a bundle of vines (the longer the better), clip some evergreens, and then transport them all back home.

Once home, find yourself a large, open space to work, somewhere where you’re free to make a mess. Start by pulling out your longest vine and begin snaking it into a circular shape. Nails, elastics or adhesives of any kind are not necessary, as the vines bind to one another if you snake them accordingly. Keep snaking your vines tightly together, going in and out, in and out, ensuring that your wreath is bound solidly. (An average size wreath requires at least one garbage bag full of vines).

Once your base is complete, you can start adding your evergreen clippings. It’s best to insert your clippings in one direction, clockwise or counterclockwise, layering each clipping as you go along. Fill in any empty spots or leave sparse for a more rustic look. Finish off with a nice big Christmas bow. (Thanks Mom for your tying skills!)

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