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106) Hike in the jungle 8 May 2012

We’ve just landed in the city of Lima, after a week of being incommunicado in the Amazon jungle. Last night, John’s computer went kaput; we lost (hopefully only temporarily) a bulk of our to-do photos.

This has been a crazy adventure for us…we visited the Amazon during the worst crisis the area has seen in over 40 years; massive flooding has displaced entire villages, leaving families without food and adequate shelter. You’ll find little information about this tragedy in international news.

We have so much more to share with you. But for now though, we’ve just posted the photos we could salvage (including our incredible hike through the jungle).

We had the opportunity to visit a few local villages, distribute food to families in need, and meet some new friends along the way. Those photos will have to wait. We’ll be back in Toronto tomorrow night.

This trip to Peru (especially this last leg in the Amazon) has changed us. I am not ready to go home.

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