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190) Try Durian 24 Jul 2012

In Southeast Asia, the Durian fruit is commonly called the “King of the Fruits,” a title likely attributed to its intimidating look (big, round & thorny) and its repugnant odour (think: fruity gym socks). To be honest, neither of us really, seriously wanted to try Durian; we put it on our list only cause we thought it would be badass. Any fruit with an odour so foul that hotels and subways have banished its consumption is a fruit we at least want to see in the flesh.

Fortunately for us, we live down the street from China Town east. Unfortunately, today, everyone was out of fresh Durian. Instead I picked up a frozen package of what appeared to be yellow sludge (the label said Durian) and brought it home for breakfast.

The look of it alone was enough to make you barf in your mouth before even eating it. John and I opened it up on our back porch, expecting the absolute worst. We were surprised, however, to find that the smell was only mildly offensive; both rotten and sweet, like the scent of a prom queen’s regurgitated mango cupcakes. The texture you can see clearly in the pictures….oozy, custardy, yellow sludge. I could barely get two bites down without gagging. Not good. Not good at all. Straight to the garbage it went.

I will say, in defence of the Durian fruit, our bad review might only be based on the fact that we ate it freeze-packed. I think it’s only fair that we give Durian another chance. Don’t you? Next week we’ll pick up a fresh, spiky stinker and report back to you. Stay tuned…

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