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282) Dress up…for fun 11 Nov 2012

Last week on a whim we decided to dress up for fun. That morning we woke up, pillaged our closet for fancy clothes, and then ran some mundane errands around the neighbourhood; we bought some groceries, got our shoes shined, stopped into Business Depot and a book store.

Overall, the experience was a little awkward and uncomfortable and I can’t say that anything good or interesting or beneficial resulted from wearing fancy clothes on an otherwise un-fancy day. I’m not even sure what we had expected in the first place? I think the point of the to-do was to push ourselves out of our casual comfort zone (which I guess it did). But mostly, it just felt like we were on our way to someone’s wedding.

5 Responses

    TAM says:

    Well, if anything else, it’s nice to see you both looking pretty dapper and terrific!

    Mom says:

    It is nice to see you both looking dressed up.
    Our society may have lost something by not looking ‘dapper and terrific’ more often.

    Johnny says:

    You don’t look very fancy, so this one doesn’t work. I can see his screen-printed t-shirt and the garment tag on the sleeve of the jacket – fancy (normal) people remove those.

    Laura & John says:

    Firstly, you got us…we’re not fancy people. I have just one pair of jeans that I call my “fancy pants”, I only wear those to “fancy” places I can’t get away with cargo pants or shpants. This is why me wearing a jacket and Laura flossing some pearls in a convenience store seemed plenty dapper enough for us.

    As far as leaving the tag on, I was kind of going for the gansta ‘leave the tag’ on look. I guess that’s not a cross cultural theme?

    (The t-shirts are part of another todo, check it out here: